Since 1933, Lexol has provided leather care products to the American market. Our new look, new range of Lexol leather care will nourish and protect your leather, leaving it looking as good as new.  

LEX_LXBQC16_16oz Leather Quick Care_Hero Package Image_UPN 143674_AMER.jpg

3-in-1 Quick Care
16.9fl. oz/500ml Spray

Our formula will maintain the beauty and durability of your leather, with a convenient flip top lid allowing for an easy application.

LEX_1108_8oz Leather Cleaner_Hero Package Image_UPN 143888_AMER.jpg

Leather Cleaner
16.9fl. oz/500ml Spray

Our pH-balanced leather cleaner safely lifts dirt and oils, guaranteeing a safe and easy removal. There are no additives interfering in our product, ensuring your leather won’t be damaged or discoloured. Perfect for preparing leather to maximise the benefits of Lexol Deep Conditioner.

LEX_1008_8oz Leather Conditioner_Hero Package Image_UPN 143889_AMER.jpg

Leather Conditioner
16.9fl. oz/500ml Spray

Preserves and protects your leather from cracking and ageing, whilst nourishing and enhancing your leathers natural appearance.

LEX_69531_Swipes Kit_Front View_Hero Package Image_UPN 142399_AMER.jpg

2-Step Cleaning and Conditioning Sponges
2 Sponges

“Press-n-Pop” pre-loaded sponges make achieving the ultimate experience in leather cleaning and conditioning. High density foam grips mean convenient application, clean hands and an easy clean up.

Two colour-coded sponges per package: one for cleaning and one for conditioning.

LEX_LXBKT08_8oz Leather Regimen Kit_Front_Hero Package Image_UPN 143890_AMER.jpg

Leather Care Kit
8 fl. oz 236ml / 16.9 fl. oz 500ml

Contains our most essential items for leaving your leather looking as good as new.

1 x Lexol Deep Cleaner
1 x Lexol Deep Conditioner
2 x premium applicator sponges

LEX_69430_28ct Quick Care Wipes_Hero Package Image_UPN 143694_AMER.jpg

Leather Quick Care Wipes
28 ct. Wipes

Contains specially formulated oils to nourish and enhance leather’s flexibility and utility.

Special non-darkening formula is perfect for cleaning leather car seats.